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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

* What do I get for my service fee?

-Your Mare will be served by Southern Cross Dark Knight

- One Pregnancy Scan at 18-20 days after her last date of service.

- 3 wks grazing

* What is the booking fee?

The booking fee covers 3wks grazing, 1x pregnancy scan and all handling expenses. The booking fee is included in the service fee and is non-refundable.

If your mare does not settle in foal you only need to pay the booking fee and any outstanding grazing, veterinary or farrier fees. You will not be required to pay the remainder of the Stud fee until your mare is confirmed in foal.

* What other costs might there be?

- If your mare stays for longer than three weeks you will be invoiced grazing at $30 per week or part week.

- While we include one pregnancy scan in the stud fee, we do recommend getting another scan done after 36 days to confirm a heart beat before you take your mare home if you live a fair distance from us. This however will be your expense and it is entirely up to you whether you opt to wait for this before taking your mare home, or if you want to take her home and then have her scanned yourself at a later date.

The cost for a scan is $50+ travel which will vary as the vets travel fee will be divided amongst all mares presented for scanning on that day. If you opt to take your mare home you will be required to pay the remainder of the Stud fee before she leaves the stud.

If your mare requires some light sedation in order to be scanned this will also be on top of the $50 scan fee.

- Farrier Expenses - We have a farrier who trims each horse for $50ea. If you want your mares feet trimmed while she is with us this will also be invoiced back to you.

* What if my mare shows twins when she is scanned?

If there is a twin pregnancy it is easier to take remedial steps at an early stage of the pregnancy than it is in a later stage. This is why we recommend the first scan around 18-20 days. We also recommend having the veterinarian pinch one of the twinning embryos. If you decide against this procedure the Live Foal Guarantee becomes void. This is because it is extremely rare for a mare to carry healthy twin foals to full term.

* What if my mare needs to stay longer than 3 weeks, how much is grazing then?

We include three weeks grazing in the stud fee and any grazing after this is charged at $30 per week or part week. This will need to be paid for before you can take your mare home.

* What if my mare requires hard feed?

We are happy to feed your mare any hard feed that you supply to us. If she requires more hard feed to be brought during her stay this will be invoiced back to you and will need to be paid immediately. You will be notified if the Hard feed is running out.

* Will my mare be in a paddock with other horses?

No, Your mare will have her own paddock.

* Can my Mare run with the stallion? I want it as natural as possible.

No, all mares are paddocked in separate enclosures. We have made a considerable investment in our stallion and are sure your mare is worth a considerable amount to you as well. We do not run any mares with our stallion that are not our own. We do not want the risk of any injuries to either your mare or our Stallion. It is safer for your mare to be hand served.

* What does the term "Stud Season" mean?

Our stud season runs from October 1st thru to January 30th of each year. Mares are only accepted outside of these times in exceptional circumstances. If your mare does not settle in foal before the end of our season she will need to come home. She will be eligible to return the following season to try again and you will need to pay another booking fee.

* Do I need to do anything to my mare before she arrives at stud?

- We do recommend a pre-service scan by your veterinarian. This is to ensure your mare is physically healthy and able to carry a foal. You should be able to tell if your mare is due to cycle or has just cycled. It is Ideal for both us and you that your mare arrives just before she is due to cycle. This will ensure she meets the stallion at the optimum time for conception and that hopefully she will take on her first service avoiding a stay longer than three weeks.

- We require the mare to have been wormed at least 1 week before but not longer than 3 weeks before she arrives at our property.

- You should have her feet trimmed before she arrives at stud. If she has shoes you must have the hind shoes removed as we will not serve any mares that still have hind shoes on. This is to reduce risk of our stallion being injured in the event if the mare kicks.

- Your mare should be vaccinated against Equine Herpes EHV-1

* What happens if my mare is injured?

We recommend you have your mare insured for the period she is travelling to the stud, while she is at stud and for her travel home. We take the best care we can with all mares and our stallion. Your mare will only be served in-hand which means there will be a handler with your mare and a handler with the stallion. Your mare will have her own paddock.

However with horses, accidents can happen. This is why we recommend you have your mare insured. You will be responsible for any veterinary costs that are over and above what is included in the initial pregnancy scan. If we believe your mare requires veterinary attention at any point we will contact you in the first instance.

* If my mare has a colt foal, why do I have to have it gelded?

We believe only the very best of colt foals should be kept entire for breeding with. If we breed a full shire colt and believe he is of stallion material we will sell him as a prospective future sire. If you believe your colt foal is of a high standard and deserves to be kept entire we welcome you to approach us to have the gelding clause removed. This will only be approved if the foal is of very high quality.

* Can my foal be registered?


Shire mares-

The foal can be registered with Shire Horse Society (UK) or Shire Horse Society Australia. Colt Foals will go on the Non-Breeding registry and must be gelded before they are 2yrs of age.

Clydesdale mares -

The foal will be eligible for one of the graded registries with Shire Horse Society (UK) or Shire Horse Society Australia. Colt Foals will go on the Non-Breeding registry and must be gelded before they are 2yrs of age.

All other breeds of mare -

You foal will be eligible for registration on the Shire Sport Horse register in Australia.Colt Foals will go on the Non-Breeding registry and must be gelded before they are 2yrs of age.