Kiwi Shires - Southern Most Shire Horse Breeders In The World

We are the Southern Most Shire Horse Breeders in the world.

We are nestled just 7km from the thriving Invercargill city center at West Plains. 

Kiwi Shires New Zealand
We have a number of Shires and we welcome visitors to inspect our horses. It is essential however that you make an appointment before you arrive.

We aim to breed Shires that are true to the breed standard. Conformation, Temperatment, Strength and Quality are the items top of our list when breeding and selecting our shires.

We pride ourselves on actively seeking out new bloodlines to ensure we are breeding the best quality animal we possibly can.

Southern Cross Dark Knight
If you are interested in either pedigree Shire Horses or Shire Sport Horses then please do get in touch as we will more than likely be able find you what you are after.

We welcome all visitors, even if you just want to come and meet our wonderful horses and get up close and personal with them.

Kiwi Shires Supernova

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